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Lafayette Surgical Earns Quality Award
Created by host on 01/05/2012

Due in part to a one-year initiative, Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital (LSSH) has dramatically decreased the likelihood of surgical infections, which affect more than 500,000 Americans annually and can cause complications, prolong recovery, and increase the costs of care. LSSH has participated in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services-sponsored national surgical care improvement project (SCIP) project since opening in 2004 in collaboration with eQHealth Solutions, the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization for Louisiana. Work began with a review of the hospital's surgical wound infection and SCIP compliance rates. From this review, a project focused on reducing infection though appropriate antibiotic selection began. The project occurred over a one-year period (January 2011-December 2011), with the goal of achieving a 99 percent compliance rate with appropriate antibiotic selection for orthopedic and neurosurgery c ases. LSSH reached the stated goal within only five months. The project team started by performing one-on-one reviews of appropriate antibiotics selections by physician for each specialty. Then, physicians reviewed their specific data and revised all physician order sets to include only the specific antibiotics recommended for each procedure. A few obstacles presented along the way: the selection of appropriate antibiotic when the patient presented an allergy, a recurring issue in which one physician consistently prescribed Vancomycin to patients, and a barrier in documentation requirements for physicians when using antibiotics other than those recommended by best practices. Throughout the project, obstacles were overcome through concurrent review of physician orders, literature research followed by physician education, and the use of one contact person for all communication about the process.

KLFY TV 10 (05/01/2012)